MS SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced

MS SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced

I thought of doing one session for SQL Server DBA interview Questions and Answers and share with you. These questions are of different levels and check your overall understanding of SQL Server database administration and approach towards solving issues. Interview typically lasts for 20-40 minutes, nobody can find everything about candidate however these questions and their answers could help in finding whether DBA is having good experience and has good problem solving technique.

Below are set of questions that are covered in this session:

  1. SQL Server database is hosted on SQL Sever 2019 with SQL Server 2016 Compatibility, can the backup of this database be stored at another server running on SQL Server 2016?
  2. Can you provide one Example of Index Scan
  3. Can you provide one Example of Index Seek
  4. Give one Example of Query where Creating Index will help however there will be no index recommendation from SQL Server
  5. Give one Example where index seek is bad
  6. Give one Example of good Index Seek
  7. Give one good Example of Index Scan
  8. What is the difference between Heap and Table
  9. Can you create a primary key with non-clustered index
  10. Can you create a clustered index on any column of Heap
  11. What is the difference between Primary key clustered Index and non-primary clustered Index
  12. What is the data type of column where index can’t be created
  13. SQL Server suddenly went down – what would be your start point of troubleshooting
  14. I have a dedicated SQL database Server where database size is 64GB, the allocated RAM size is 128GB. Currently used memory is 120GB – what would be your starting point?
  15. List out few Key Features of SQL Server 2019
  16. Bonus Question – Explain about OUTPUT clause and how would you use them into Deleted Clause

I have covered above questions along with their answers in my video:

This video has all the questions and their answers however if you would like to get a readily available handbook in the printable format(PDF), you may buy it at a very nominal price:

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