Important 15 Sybase ASE DBA Interview Questions and Answers

Important 15 Sybase ASE DBA Interview Questions and Answers

I thought of doing another session for Sybase ASE DBA interview Questions and Answers inline with SQL Server DBA interview Questions and Answers and share with you. These questions are of expert levels and check your overall understanding as well as troubleshooting of SAP Sybase ASE database and approach towards solving issues. Interview typically lasts for 20-40 minutes, nobody can find everything about candidate however these questions and their answers could help in finding whether DBA is having good experience and has good problem solving technique.

Below are set of questions that are covered in this session:

  1. How to speed up database backup process? Please suggest 3 options
  2. How many types of Backups are there? Pre-requisites for them?
  3. How to find access level for a user or user object?
  4. What is the difference between SA Role and SSO Role?
  5. Give few Examples SA Role can’t do & SSO Role can do
  6. Difference between Login, User and Alias
  7. Explain about User Defined Role & Usage
  8. You issue backup command of a database but nothing happens, what to check?
  9. Command to check whether Sybase ASE service is up & running or not on Unix Server
  10. You have Full, Cumulative and Tran Backup configured, Noticed Tran Backup is on Increasing Path and not reducing. What to check?
  11. How do you find wait events? One which is max at your server?
  12. How to find when your Sybase service was last started?
  13. How to check Cache Configuration of your server?
  14. How to check Thread Configuration?
  15. List Few Maintenance Jobs where Downtime is not required & others
  16. Bonus Question – How to Transfer Logins from Primary to Secondary Server

I have covered above questions along with answers in my video:

This video has all the questions and their answers however if you would like to get a readily available handbook in the printable format(PDF) with more details, you may buy it at a very nominal price:

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