Capturing Sysmon at SAP ASE Replication Server and Scheduling

Capturing Sysmon at SAP ASE Replication Server and Scheduling

We all must have gathered sysmon output at ASE server and analyzed it while performing troubleshooting at server level. How about gathering similar output at replication server level – this is a very interesting output to look at and understand the details underlying.

Lets first talk about the duration and scheduling of this command – Executing this for a period of 5 minute should be ideally fine wherein workload is not that much and running it once every 10 minute should be fine unless and until you are facing any replication issue.

In case, you are facing any issue which is not to do with the transaction and could be due to replication server itself or due to some poor configuration at replication server, job can be scheduled every 5 minute for 5 minute. This doesn’t put any locking anywhere and is a light weight process, safe to be scheduled back-to-back.

Command to run sysmon for 5 minutes at replication server is as below:

admin stats, sysmon, display, “00:05:00”

Output of this will be considerable big in size and would require sometime to analyze and their output should be stored on the server with date and timestamp and should be deleted only after 10-15 days so that we could go back in time to find out if there was any issue reported for a certain date.

We have already covered how to gathered memory details at replication server in my earlier post Replication Server failed with fatal error while allocating memory. Most likely, there is not enough memory. Replication Server is going to abort.. we have also talked about gathering all the stats in case this command is not compatible with your replication server version.

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